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India imported 5600 tons of Glycerine during 2017, as cargoes arrive from Indonesia, Argentina, Malaysia, USA and Thailand. 18 Oct 2017

Portugal's Crude Glycerine FOB price up by USD 10 PMT in October compared to previous month price. 18 Oct 2017

Indonesia's Refined Glycerine FOB price shoots up by 25% since start of the year. 18 Oct 2017

Japan's Glycerine import is up by 30% at 7500 tons in August as cargoes arrive from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. 17 Oct 2017

China FOB Refined Glycerine price down by 5% in October compared to previous month price. 17 Oct 2017

India imported 8000 tons of Glycerine from Indonesia, USA and Malaysia in August as CFR prices hike up by USD 25 PMT in October. 17 Oct 2017

Shaw: Biodiesel volume increase needs public backing 17 Oct 2017

India's largest Glycerine importers in August were Kaleesuwari Refinery And Industry, Paramount Minerals And Chemicals & more 16 Oct 2017

Refined Glycerine FOB Indonesia price up by 20% in October compared to same period last year. 16 Oct 2017

Crude Glycerine FOB Malaysia price increases by 40% since start of the year. 16 Oct 2017

India imported 55% of Refined Glycerine of its total import in August into different ports like JNPT, Vishakhapatnam & Kolkata. 13 Oct 2017

USA Crude Glycerine FOB price marginally up in October. 13 Oct 2017

India's CFR Glycerine price was up by 20% since start of the year. 13 Oct 2017

Thailand exported Glycerine to USA, China, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Tanzania, Iran, Japan and Taiwan in August 12 Oct 2017

UK Refined Glycerine FOB price up by 20% since start of the year. 12 Oct 2017