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Indian domestic Glycerine price remains subdued due to lack of demand: 09 Jul 2009

Glycerine (Crude & Refined) imports at Indian Ports drastically down during May 2009: 09 Jul 2009

Cargill starts production of Glycerine at new Frankfurt Plant.. 17 Jun 2009

Japan imports of Glycerine from Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines steady during the first four months of 2009, Exports lacks lust 12 Jun 2009

Glycerine imports of Thailand during Jan - April 2009 steady, imports from Malaysia steadily surged, Exports plunged in April 20 12 Jun 2009

Crude Glycerine imports to Indian Port surges in April 2009: 11 Jun 2009

Glycerine Prices marginally rises across the globe, production down due to lack of demand and reccession: 06 Jun 2009

Singapore exports refined glycerine to China and Malaysia, imports from Indonesia.. 27 May 2009

Japan imported 48% of Glycerine from Malaysia, 38% from Philippines and 13% from Indonesia.. 27 May 2009

India imported 41% of Glycerine from Indonesia and 35% from Malaysia.. 27 May 2009

Glycerine Prices(IP& CP) in Indian domestic market remain lack luster: 26 May 2009

Glycerine( Refined & Crude) Imports to India surges by 22 percent during March 2009, Prices maintains stability: 07 May 2009

Glycerine ( CP & IW) demand in Indian domestic market robust, prices remain firm: 07 May 2009

Glycerine Innovation award to three Researchers from Pittsburg University for developing a new family of Glycerine -based Polyol 07 May 2009

Glycerine Prices steady in Indian Domestic market: 23 Apr 2009