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India's Glycerine import jumps by 36 percent during Feb 2010.... 31 Mar 2010

Glycerol is a by-product of biofuel production may be used as an energy source in diets...... 31 Mar 2010

Glycerine IP & CP is ruling firm in the Indian domestic market... 31 Mar 2010

Global Glycerine Crude & Refined prices fluctauates in a narrow range....... 25 Mar 2010

Glycerine Prices in Indian domestic market oscillates in narrow range... 24 Mar 2010

Bio-Street Kelowna, B.C.-based firmwill produce 225 million litres of Biodiesel & produce canola meal, glycerine and potassium.. 24 Mar 2010

Preol’s plant designed by Desmet Ballestra have a capacity of 100000 MT of FAME Biodiesel & 10000 MT of Glycerine....... 24 Mar 2010

USA Imperiam Renewables largest biodiesel plants restarted production in the Port of Grays Harbour.... 24 Mar 2010

Thailand imports 92 percent Glycerine from Malaysia of it's total imports in Jan 2010, Exports 15 percents to USA... 23 Mar 2010

Crude Glycerine FOB USA prices dipped marginally.... 23 Mar 2010

Refined Glycerine FOB China prices moves down due to lower demand... 18 Mar 2010

Thailand exports of Glycerine robust at 18730 MT during the period Jan 2009 - Jan 2010.... 18 Mar 2010

Refined Glycerine FOB China price trend for 2009- 2010.. 17 Mar 2010

Thailand refined glycerine export to China, India, Malaysia, Korea etc falls in January.. 17 Mar 2010

Indonesia, Singapore and Japan export Glycerine to Thailand.. 17 Mar 2010