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Globasol and TSK-Ingemas, of the Spanish group Globalia, will see the construction of the Dominican Republic’s first biodiesel p 17 Apr 2010

Global Bidiesel Market cumulative growth at 41.9 percent and expected to grow by 10 percent only... 14 Apr 2010

Preol's,Desmet Ballestra which has the capacity to produce 100,000 MT of FAME biodiesel and 10,000 MT a year of glycerine 14 Apr 2010

Glycos Biotechnologies of USA to produce valuable chemicals from waste byproducts, such as fatty acids and crude glycerine 12 Apr 2010

Glycerine(Refined) China FOB Exports prices surged by USD 25 - 30 per MT.... 09 Apr 2010

Glycerine Prices in Indian domestic market is on firm footing... 07 Apr 2010

Glycerine(Crude & Refined) Global Price trends shows an uptrend as demand increases... 07 Apr 2010

Thailand exports of Glycerine to China, India, Malaysia jumps by 11 percent during Feb 2010 than a month ago.. 07 Apr 2010

Thailand Glycerine imports down by 20 percent during Feb 2010 than a month ago... 07 Apr 2010

Japan Exports of Glycerine decline by 23 percent during Feb 2010 than Jan ... 06 Apr 2010

Glycerine imports of Japan marginally dipped during Feb 2010... 06 Apr 2010

Japan imports 51 percent of Glycerine from Malaysia of it's total imports during Feb 2010.. 06 Apr 2010

Japan imports & exports of Glycerine during Feb 2010 remains status quo... 31 Mar 2010

India imports most of the Glycerine cargo at JNPT Port in containers 31 Mar 2010

Crude Glycerine (80%) purity CFR India prices strengthened.... 31 Mar 2010