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Petrosil's Glycerine Report is a global market intelligence tool for companies who wish to access valuable content and network .

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Spain's Crude Glycerine FOB price down by 5% in April 2020, compared to previous month price. 03 Apr 2020

India's CFR Glycerine price down by 20% in April 2020 compared to same period last year price. 03 Apr 2020

Glycerine exporters Sea Starr, Renova SA, IP Specialities, Inter Continental Oils, PT Dua Kuda, PT Unilever, Future International, PT VVF and Oleocomm Global shipped cargoes to Asia in February 03 Apr 2020

EU biofuel industry warns Commission about ‘derogations’ in fossil fuel blending 02 Apr 2020

Thailand imported more than 4700 tons of Glycerine from Indonesia, Argentina Malaysia Austria and Japan in January 2020. 31 Mar 2020

Asian, European and US glycerine prices may increase due to supply-chain uncertainty grows. 31 Mar 2020

Indonesia's Refined Glycerine FOB price down by 20% in March compared to same period last year. 30 Mar 2020

Lowa companies donate ethanol and glycerine for hand sanitizer production 26 Mar 2020

Some of the largest Glycerine exporters to India in January were PT.Dua Kuda Indonesia, Sanagrynus Trading, Inter Continental Oils & Fats, PT.VVF Indonesia, Wilmar Trading & more. 26 Mar 2020

Global Glycerine FOB Exports price update. 26 Mar 2020

Portugal's Crude Glycerine FOB price marginally down in January. 26 Mar 2020

India's Glycerine import was down by 30% at 5500 tons in January 2020 24 Mar 2020

Australia’s Viva Energy to produce biofuels from regionally sourced feedstocks 24 Mar 2020

Thailand's Glycerine Import down by 10% during 2019 compared to last year 24 Mar 2020

Crude Glycerine FOB Malaysia price decreases by 5% since start of the year. 24 Mar 2020