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Thailand's Glycerine export was up by 30% in April at 4600 tons, as cargoes were shipped to China, India, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Nigeria & Israel. 16 Jun 2020

Spain's Crude Glycerine FOB price down by USD 5 PMT in June 2020. 16 Jun 2020

Malaysia's Refined Glycerine FOB price remained steady since start of the year. 15 Jun 2020

Portugal's Crude Glycerine FOB price down by USD 5 PMT since start of the year. 12 Jun 2020

Most of India's Glycerine import of 8400 tons in April was supplied by Indonesia, Portugal, Thailand, USA, Spain and Canada 11 Jun 2020

Japan's Glycerine import up by 5% at 6800 tons of Glycerine from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China in April 2020. 11 Jun 2020

Spain's Crude Glycerine FOB price down by 5% since start of the year. 11 Jun 2020

Malaysia will restart its nationwide roll out of the B20 biodiesel programme in September after postponing it due to a 2 month partial lockdown to contain the coronavirus. 11 Jun 2020

Indonesia, the world’s largest palm-oil producer, has cut the cost assumption of converting crude palm oil into biodiesel by 20% to $80 per metric ton 09 Jun 2020

Glycerine suppliers Future International, Unilever Oleochemical, IP Special, Claris Biochemicals, Sanagrynus and SOL Renewable exported largest cargoes to Asia as prices are down 40% for the year. 09 Jun 2020

Thailand's Glycerine import is up 20% to 15,000 tons this year as cargoes arrived from Indonesia, Argentina, Malaysia, Austria, Japan & Germany. 09 Jun 2020

Indonesia's Refined Glycerine FOB price down by 5% year on year in June 2020. 09 Jun 2020

India imported 5800 tons of Crude Glycerine into different ports like Mundra, JNPT, Ludhiana, Vishakhapatnam, Chawapayal Samrala and Kolkata in April 2020. 08 Jun 2020

Malaysia's FOB Refined Glycerine price gone down by USD 5 PMT in June 2020. 05 Jun 2020

More than 70 suppliers from Portugal, USA, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, Malaysia, Colombia, Bulgaria, Greece and Oman exported 120,000 tons of Glycerine to India in 2019 04 Jun 2020